Our church family offers several small groups so that each person can benefit based on their interest and maturity level. Read More


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There are many opportunities for you to serve. Tasks include everything from routine upkeep of the property to outreach events to the community. Read More


John M. Keeter /Williamston, NC

A wonderful church with a great pastor, serving God and reaching souls for the cause of Christ in the community.

Karen Ward /Bloomsburg, PA

Very sound, Biblical teaching. Love the way the Spirit testifies to our souls, discerning for us! It is well with my soul! Excellent Sunday School message about the “Rainbow” that God gave to remind us of His Covenant with us. And the message by Pastor Wood about speech that’s pleasing to God, and the marks of a right heart to go to God. Thank-you!

Tom Brest /Gastonia, NC

This is definitely our church when we are at the beach, always good sound preaching,folks are friendly, and the building is always well maintained!

Traci Adams /Pinehurst, NC

We enjoyed our visit while we were at the beach with a friend! very warm and welcoming!!


Word of God

The scripture is what God uses to bring us to salvation and through sanctification. All preaching, teaching, memorizing, and public readings in our ministry is done from the King James Version of the Bible. This uniformity improves the edification of participants. The KJV has proven itself over time to accurately convey the words of God to English speaking people. We recognize the liberty of individuals to have other reliable translations for personal use in our services. Read More


Every person must face God as their judge. We believe it is our duty to warn people of this truth and also urge them to receive Jesus as their advocate and Savior. He paid the price for our crimes. Jesus alone can justify a person with His own righteousness. Only then can we stand before our Divine Judge having escaped eternal condemnation and ready to receive rewards. We seek to equip believers to engage in this critical mission. Read More


We believe it is our responsibility to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. We support numerous missionaries with our prayers, but have added financial support to the following missionary endeavors. Read More


We believe that music in public assembly as well as in private should compliment the character of God. For this reason, we reject music that has a fleshly appeal. We elevate a sacred style that draws audience into reverence for our Lord. Musicians are to be ministers and not entertainers. Worship is a byproduct of godly music and should not be manufactured by superficial emotionalism or spontaneous excitement. For this reason, we have purposefully distanced ourselves from the "Praise & Worship" motif with the accompanying CCM, Southern Gospel, or Rock & Roll music styles. We follow a traditional & sacred approach with a mixture of the beloved hymns of the past and current compositions that are written after the same framework. We humbly attempt to sing with the spirit and understanding (1 Cor 14:15). Read More


Carl Wood Pastor
Carl Wood Pastor
Mike Evans Church Treasurer & Bookkeeper
Mike Evans Church Treasurer & Bookkeeper
Dot Hoerr Contributions Secretary
Dot Hoerr Contributions Secretary Children’s Church Teacher
Terri Gallello Church Clerk
Terri Gallello Church Clerk
Walt Hedrick Deacon
Walt Hedrick Deacon
Rob Hoerr Deacon
Rob Hoerr Deacon
Stan McCune Deacon
Stan McCune Deacon Christian Education Director
Dale Dickman Administrative Assistant & Deacon
Dale Dickman Administrative Assistant & Deacon Millennial Class Leader